So many businesses wish they had great videos to tell their story, advertise with, deliver training and more, but, in our experience, many are terrified at the mere thought of how much it could all cost!

This fear even stops many businesses from actively looking at investing in video, as the uninitiated (and let’s face it, most businesses are when it comes to video), fear that dreaded question rising to the top of any conversation about video;

“What’s your budget?"

Don’t you hate that question?

Well, don’t let us steer you in the wrong direction - it is a legitimate and important question for sure.

But, in our experience, for people who are less video-production experienced (ie, most) you are often more concerned about being embarrassed and or ripped off in answering it!

Our costs and approach

Some of our products have set prices on them, and you will see these where noted for specific items. These are for videos that are almost template like in our approach to creating them with you - so, we can price them up-front. Of course, variations can come into it depending on a particular circumstance suited to you.

But, for the rest of work with us, a lot of it can be quite custom to you to respond to your particular requirements.

For this, you can pretty much take comfort in working off our ‘day rates’ to give you an idea.

Half day 
$900+gst = 4-5 hours total | 1 - 2 people (producer / videographer) | All our equipment.

Full day 
$1,500+gst = 8-9 hours total | 1 - 2 people (producer / videographer) | All our equipment.

Editing rate (post production)
$100+gst per hour

Copy writer / Script writer (as requested)
$100+gst per hour

Pre-production (getting your project to shoot-ready standard with you)
$100+gst per hour

Additional travel and other costs may or may not be a factor depending on the job.

All of these as applicable will be included on any project price quote.

Our pricing of any project is based around this, and we are not in this to stretch it out an hour or two for a few extra bucks.

Our costs are transparent and we will keep you informed of anything that impacts $ along the way.

What we’re in this for is to delight you with your video(s), so we become your ‘go to’ video production partner for all your needs.

For example, this Finance Tips Series using the costing structure above, looks something like this;

  • Full day filming on location (Brisbane for them) = $1,500 (8-9 hours)
  • Pre-production = $400 (4 hrs)  
  • Editing = $800 - $1200 = (8-12 hrs)

Total Cost Indication = $2,700 - $3,100

That’s not bad huh?

It worked out at around $270 - $330 per custom video at your location of tips and the like to use in marketing or to grow your subscriber base, or however you want.

In this instance we worked in pre-production with the brand marketing manager on a topic and script set for them that was written by the client. These were mainly notes however to develop the thinking, and the ‘talent’ used those notes to structure their thoughts as they ad libbed the answers.

Anyway, that’s how it works, and you can lay that cost template and approach over practically all the types of videos we do.

So you see, it is not a guesstimate on what $$$ we think we can get out of you.
It’s a balance of how much work we assess it will take to get the job done well enough to delight you, while making a fair profit for the business at the same time!