Separate you from the rest

Anyone can do a webinar video using their webcam, but let’s face it, we all agree that many of these can be pretty dull and of poor quality.

Impress your audience, or sell something, increase engagement, viewing time and information retention with higher quality webinar productions with exceptional ROI.

Now, these can be as fancy or as basic as you like.

You can be sitting at your desk and presenting from there with you as a ‘talking head’, that’s one way to do it.

But, you have an opportunity to do so much more with a webinar, and especially if it’s purpose is to sell a product, encourage subscribers into your database, or demonstrate your expertise and more.

And we can help you do any of the above!

The type of approach to a webinar production will generally depend on the purpose of it and the role it plays in your business. Often, we get interest about filming webinars from people who are already doing, or have done one, but want to raise the quality and professionalism of it to improve its performance.

A one-off investment into such a production can provide returns far beyond the investment for the long term.

The type of production and investment into it, depends on things like;

  • The vision you have for it,
  • Your market and style,
  • Is it talking head (you stationary), demonstrations, multiple presenters?,
  • Any additional external footage required,
  • The length of the webinar,
  • The shoot location(s),
  • Any custom animations or artwork required, and more.


Best results occur in video production by being fully prepared BEFORE shooting any film.

It is crucial to have your webinar content and layout fully set, and the scripts you will be presenting to camera, loaded and ready into our teleprompter in advance. This also applies to any demonstrations required fully prepared and ready.

The extra hours of pre-production collaborating and shaping your webinar content with you, and the execution of the shoot on-site, mean that the entire production outcome is more efficient, and the outcome is far better for all concerned.