Let others say how good you are!

Having a well-crafted video of your customers telling everyone else how good you are is an essential ‘asset’ in your marketing toolbox.

It’s the obvious ‘go to’ marketing strategy, but many just need someone capable to get it done for them = US!

We get it, as sometimes asking your valued customers to get on camera to tell them about their experience with you, can be a daunting thing to set up and execute. We’re also well aware, particularly for franchises, that you can’t just have a film crew go in and entice a franchise owner (for example), to say things they may not necessarily want to say.

This relationship is nuanced, and any client relationship is for that matter, so we don’t take advantage of that. 

Video testimonial production can be made quite uncomfortable for all involved if it is handled in a clumsy, entitled and unprofessional manner by people producing them. 

Knowing what you are looking to portray, and the ‘talent’ in the video being briefed and fully informed before arriving on the day is crucial to a great testimonial, and we’ll be all over that in working with you for the best possible result!

Testimonial Scenarios

Each testimonial production needs and scenario varies. For example, here some of the ways we may produce them with you;

  • Conferences (franchise brands) – A single location and shoot set-up at your event, where we can interview multiple franchise partners and suppliers on working with you, all in the space of a few hours. A highly-efficient and cost-effective approach,
  • Off-site / store / office location – We may film in the location of the subject to give some context and dynamic nature to the videos, and connect them more to your brand. It may be that we are filming multiple people in different locations in the same city on the same day.


As scenarios differ, we price them up to suit, but an example below for you…