You can have a production as good as anyone too!

Take your conference, workshop or meeting online as it is happening in real-time (streaming it), or simply recorded for later viewing and use (or both)  – just like you see the big corporates showing off how they’re doing this on LinkedIn and other platforms! 

You don’t have to be a big corporate with a massive budget to do this well and make this work – let us help you transform your business – without people flying anywhere!

Many organisations, particularly in the franchise space, build their partner and team engagement, as well as franchisee feedback meetings, marketing launches, new product rollouts, and training calendar initiatives around conferences and regular workshops.

And we can help you do any of the above virtually using video!

You can do more with these events rather than just reducing them to a bunch of people on a zoom call! 

Show more, do more, teach more – inspire more…

And we’ll collaborate with you to do just that!

The type of production and investment into it depends on things like; 

  • The vision you have for it, 
  • How long the event is,
  • The platform you wish to stream in (if applicable),
  • Is it talking head (you stationary), demonstrations, multiple presenters (or all)?,
  • Filming location(s),
  • Any additional external pre-footage and production required, 
  • Any custom animations or artwork required, and more.


The best video content is created by being fully prepared BEFORE shooting any film. This is particularly the case for events as generally, the bulk of work comes BEFORE the event.

It is crucial to have your content and layout fully set, the presenters and set primed, and the scripts being presented to camera, loaded and ready into our teleprompter in advance (as applicable). This also applies to any demonstrations required being fully prepared and ready. 

The extra hours of pre-production collaborating and shaping your event with you, and the execution of the shoot on-site, mean that the entire production outcome is more efficient, and the outcome is far better for all concerned.