An opportunity you can’t miss!

We can't believe so many brands and businesses miss the golden opportunity that a new, vibrant, exciting store opening creates. 

You're already making an event out of it - so get a professional video of it to leverage the buzz long after opening!

It does not cost as much as you think it does to have a crew produce dynamic, high-quality video storytelling of these openings.

So go on, make sure you include professional video production in your store opening marketing budgets as it makes total ROI sense to display you at your absolute best!

We approach planning to shoot these events in the framework of a half-day shoot (4-5 hours on location). This allows for set-up, the opening event (or the particular occasion), and to pack down. In that time frame, we film enough content to create a 6 video bundle set for you on the occasion.

Depending on your particular needs, if this approach doesn’t quite fit, we can also discuss specific needs and adjust anything beyond this. 

What you get;

    • Main event video  - 1 x up to 2min 30 min completed video - longer-form storytelling,
    • Short event video  - 1 x up to 1 min completed video - shorter form dynamic (abbreviated from the main video),
    • Franchisee / Business Owner or Mgr video  - 1 x up to 2min completed video - their excitement, experience / their story,
    • Social videos - 3 x 10-15 sec short social grabs. One grab from each video (3 in total) to use in social media,
    • Concept development - 1 hr session around all pre-production and shot list elements,
    • Scripts / Q’s workshop - 30 min session tightening and finalising any scripts and shoot execution, shot lists (note - we don’t write scripts or questions for subjects for you - you know your topics, though we work with you from our extensive experience to make it all ‘shoot ready’).

Fixed pricing:  $2,275+gst

Pricing variations:  Generally, the main extra cost if relevant is travel to a specific location if it is outside our 1 hour radius from Gold Coast (4217). Obviously, changes to the approach to our standard 6 video bundle set may also require variations.

If interstate, we may be able to line the travel costs up with other productions in town to reduce costs - so always ask!

Notes:  Any questions answered or points to camera for any person are decided on in the script's development process.  In the editing process, two (2) reviews of each video are included. Stock footage and stock imagery and music licenses are all included. Basic text graphics included and copy to be included to be provided to us.

If you give us timely video feedback in reviews, we aim to have your completed video within 5 business days of the shoot date (minus any travel days if applicable).

An Example of a Store Opening Video Shoot!

Franchise business video tours