As you might already know, we have been producing franchise recruitment centric content for more than a decade. We've worked in content creation and lead generation with the biggest brand names in the country, right through to those just launching their franchise network, and every all network sizes in between.

Our social media services and support is basically;

  • Content creation about your brand on steroids
  • Done for you distribution, engagement and growth
  • Across 6 social media channels.


We can create all the content for you to distribute yourselves, without our distribution and management.

All this will no-doubt be a 10X in how much franchise-recruitment centric content you are currently putting out into the market.


We’re kicking this off, and just by looking at the volume of features and the extent of content creation on your brand included, it is just not realistic to remain at the launch price beyond a launch period.
We’re throwing our decade+ of highly specific and effective, franchise recruitment content all into a high repetition of presence for your brand.
Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat etc
And then leveraging it all across 6 social media platforms (not 2 platforms like seems to be common in digital agency spaces).
BTW, because of each of the differences in their unique content nature,  we are counting YouTube ‘Shorts’ and  YouTube ‘long form’ videos in our terminology as two social media platforms.
And we’re not upselling you by adding ‘additional service costs’ like filming the videos, or photography, and editing with graphics and captioning videos – they are all included, as we want to get what we need to make you and keep you so happy that you’d never want to leave us!

Organic + Paid Social Media for franchise recruitment marketing

Organic Strategy

  • Baseline – we understand your overall goals and how that can fit into your social media channels
  • Current status – of your social channels and understanding what has worked, and what hasn’t
  • Competitor Analysis – identify your competing brands and what has worked and doing well, as well as where we see opportunity
  • Identify Influencers – identify and then discuss with you a strategy around engaging your niche influencers
  • Custom content plan – frequency of sending, styling, an agreed mood board for vision and direction, key content pillars, important hashtags and keywords
  • Includes – video production, copywriting, imagery, graphics, design of your social media content styling
  • Video prompts – More collaboration makes for a better result. While we produce a lot of video for you, we may have an idea that is timely and easily actionable by you or a staff member or franchise partner, and we’ll ask if it is doable rather than not execute the idea!
  • 6 social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube long-form, YouTube shorts
  • 1-2 posts per week day / 1 post daily weekends (approx 30-50 posts per month)
  • Combination of Reels / shorts, stories, text posts, image posts – we’re chasing highest impact and what works, not a ‘quota’
  • Community management (such as commenting, liking, following & engaging with content from your niche and audience) 60 mins per week.
  • Reporting Monthly – outlining the performance of your channels.

Paid - Monthly Sponsored Ad Campaign

Leverages off the content, work and results of the organic campaigns, and includes;
  • Initial consult and strategy development confirming recommended platforms to spend on
  • Audience creation – includes based on interests, custom or lookalike etc
  • Post and advert creative images, copywriting, graphics and video
  • Ad management and ongoing optimisation



  • Boost performing content
  • Re-target
$2,799mth (+gst) 6 month campaigns commitment + $500 (+gst) per mth min of Ad / Boosting spend