Sell your knowledge globally, 24/7

Dreamt of having high-quality courses for sale online? Your IP is valuable, but the mere thought of where to even start to pull it together to sell stops most. 

We guide you all the way from start – to selling…

You’ve worked hard to create your IP, now it’s time to offer it for sale to a national or global audience, and well-produced, quality video is the key. The challenges of the recent years, saw a sudden surge of people producing video content with their own webcam or similar.

To make an information product truly worthy for people to invest hundreds of $ each to enrol in, you need to present and package it effectively.

We can make this happen for you from a vision of what you want, right through to ready-to-be-loaded into any platform online – we can even help you with the platform to load it in to sell it as well!

Now, this type of production is a customised, highly personal type of thing. 

The type of production and investment into it depends very much on things like; 

  • The vision you have for it, 
  • Your market and style, 
  • Your area of expertise, 
  • The length of your course (how many modules/lessons), 
  • Any custom animations or artwork required,
  • The depth of detail in course modules and more.


The best ROI results occur in video production by being fully prepared BEFORE shooting any film.

It is crucial to have your course content and layout fully set, and the scripts you will be presenting to camera, loaded and ready into our teleprompter in advance.

The extra hours of pre-production collaborating and shaping your course content with you, mean that the entire production outcome is more efficient, and the outcome is far better for all concerned.