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Franchising, Community, and Support in the Pandemic


We worked with the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) to create their Conference launch video for the National Franchise Convention 2022.
Ultimately we created TWO quite different versions of the video.
The version preferred and used by the FCA at the event was quite different in parts, while still using some of the content in this longer-form version. The video used was a shorter, more up-tempo piece that featured more brands.
This longer form version took a different direction from that eventual video used.
In our creative direction for this video that we pitched to the FCA, we were looking to spotlight and tell the story of the franchising community and support, through the challenging pandemic period and beyond.
Effectively, the message was that you were broadly far better off being part of a good, well-supported franchise network, than on our own in business.
The video was designed / envisioned to be shown to a restless audience first arriving into an auditorium, not having been in an event for 2+ years, and to quickly grab their attention and retain it throughout, and finishing with a positive uplifting message.
In this entire engagement with the FCA for the event, the aim was to help elevate the annual National Franchise Convention of the Franchise Council of Australia (FCA), by creating numerous video assets for showing during and post the event.



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