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Pizza Hut is one of a number of brands we have worked with to help franchise prospects to understand the behind the scenes detail of their business prior to enquiry with a franchise business / store tour video.
Pizza hut wanted to ensure that the market clearly understood that they had moved well-beyond dine-in options. Thus, the focus and location on this ‘super delivery’ store.
The tour videos can differ substantially between brands and even within store format types within brands;
  • Brand / franchisor leader hosted,
  • Franchisee hosted,
  • Third party talent hosted.
Depending on who is hosting the tour, this can have a significant impact on the style of the video and what information is presented.
In this case with Pizza Hut, it was considered that the CEO, Phil Reed, who is driving a significant change and revitalisation program within the brand, would be ideal to welcome and introduce the tour.
Then for the more specific operational aspects of the tour, Phil handed over to Nathan Tillett a store operations specialist.
Franchise tours are an excellent opportunity to create an informative central video, while at the same time ensuring some key ‘selling’ points for the franchise opportunity are subtly threaded through it to keep it on message.



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