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PACK & SEND is a brand we have worked with for many years across video, but also other forms of content and lead generation.
As always, in working very closely with the brand, they came to us with an idea for a longer form video to explain the franchise application process in detail, involving multiple people in the business.
At that point in the content planning, we had scheduled to create two separate shorter videos, but on discussion and storyboarding, we decided together that the best approach to fit with their vision, was to combine it all into one long-form video of 8+ minutes.
The video was to play a key role in their franchise recruitment funnel, elevating the brand by demonstrating and introducing key heads of departments within the business that a new franchise owner will meet and work with, the application process flow, and finally meeting a some franchise partners who detailed their experience of the process of getting into the business.
The video was shot over two days at three locations, one at HQ and two franchise stores in different cities.
The detailed work on the text and graphics was very much focused on ensuring the PACK & SEND brand standards were closely adhered to.



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