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This has been playing on my mind.

I’ve noticed a lot of indecision widely across franchise brands.

At the same time, I’ve noticed a lot less visibility in all channels – paid and free, of franchisors on the attributes of what their franchise opportunity offers.

This is not a sermon, nor a pitch btw…:-)

Personally, I’ve never experienced so many requests for input and thoughts, with so little action taken at the other end of it.

I get it, the market is looking a bit scary. But it’s getting better for certain, so don’t get caught flat-footed.

A pecking order shake-up

Just a few other franchise brands are filling the opportunity story / content vacuum that’s been left.

It feels like many are walking knowingly into an area prone to quick sand with the lack of momentum for their opportunity. The market is happening to you.

You know if you don’t do something, you’ll achieve nothing.

BUT, if you do something, and it doesn’t work, well that could be even worse. What might people, the boss, or the board think – right?

If you are a leader in the business, are you backing your people to empower them to make decisions they think will give them results?

Do they live in fear of making a mistake, so they do nothing instead?

Just think on that.

And if all else is off the cards, let’s not forget, being active on social platforms is FREE!

So, just start moving forward with showing and telling little bits and pieces of being in your franchise, and you just never know who’s watching 

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