Training / Safety / Induction / HR videos and more

If saleable video courses are about making money by leveraging your IP, e-learning content is going to save you money, through efficiency and productivity improvements by making you more efficient. 

We will never again thoughtlessly jump on a plane for a meeting or training – we can help you make sure everything is still covered in video modules and the like.

The approach to putting these sessions or programs into video format for distribution and use in your business is not all that different from the process we use in creating saleable online courses.

The difference though is that it is most likely that the content you want featured is already presented and delivered face to face – now we just need to capture that in video the best way possible.

The challenges of recent years in the market, meant business had to find new ways of training, on-boarding and more for teams. Many of our clients reported taking training online for the first time ever, and that it was something they had been considering for years – but the crisis gave them the impetus to do so. 

A common summary in the time since is that they would never go back to full in-person training, but use a multi-channel approach.

Highly engaging as important as high quality

Again, just like a saleable video course, e-learning video production needs to be created in a way that makes it truly worthy for people in your team to want to invest hours of their time into sitting, watching and learning.

We can make this happen for you from a vision of what you want, right through to ready-to-be-loaded into any platform online – we can even help you with the platform to load it in to sell it as well!

This type of production is most often a customised, highly personal type of thing. 

The type of production and investment into it depends very much on things like; 

  • The vision you have for it, 
  • The type of audience,
  • Your market and style, 
  • Is it talking head mostly or relies on demonstrations? 
  • The length of the content (how many modules/lessons), 
  • Any custom animations or artwork required,
  • The depth of detail to be taught and more.


The best video content results from by being fully prepared BEFORE shooting any film.

It is crucial to have your course content and layout fully set, and the scripts you will be presenting to camera, loaded and ready into our teleprompter in advance, and any demonstrations required fully prepared and ready.

The extra hours of pre-production collaborating and shaping your course content with you, and the execution of the shoot on-site, mean that the entire production outcome is more efficient, and the outcome is far better for all concerned.