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6 Reasons why well-planned video dramatically increases the ROI of your franchise conferences...

The only time you are going to have the most stakeholders possible in your franchise network in one spot, is at your annual or bi-annual conferences and other similar franchise gatherings.

Given how challenging it can be at times to get people there, you better make the absolute best of it while you can!
As a franchisor I was part of organising and hosting conferences with franchise owners, head office staff and key suppliers in attendance.
Let’s be clear here, if you don’t see any need to be worried about telling great stories about being in your franchise, then this article is not for you.
And franchise growth into the future probably isn’t for you either!

What we see in franchise conferences

The franchisor in you and in me (in my previous life:-), sees them as ideal opportunities to re-engage, present new initiatives, bond and have a great time as a close community.
Whereas the content creator in me sees conferences as a goldmine of game-changing content creation opportunities for your franchise network.
Here is a handful of key things you get out of investing in video content at your conferences.

You get to be directly involved in shaping your story at scale.

As a franchisor in the ‘normal world’ outside of a conference environment, you and your marketing and communications team are realistically focused on telling stories about being in your network, by picking only one or two franchise owners at a time (max).
To help craft the best stories with your franchise partners for your brand, being there with them, reassuring them and helping them articulate their message is most beneficial.
With a little bit of pre-arrival preparation on your part with a good video production company who truly ‘gets’ franchising, at your conference you can do this on a grand scale with multiple franchise owner’s individual stories.
This is much more difficult and time consuming when everyone is back in their individual locations.

People are pumped!

A conference environment brings a certain level of energy all of its own.
You are very likely to get an even more excited and visually engaged franchise owner talking about being in your franchise in this type of environment, than if they were being filmed on their own in a boardroom or store location.

It’s cost-effective for your budgets.

Investment in video at an event can be spread across numerous budgets if you desire.
Depending on the briefs, a video production team at a conference can be creating all sorts of content related to or for;
  • The event itself,
  • Suppliers,
  • Franchise or staff training,
  • Franchise recruitment marketing,
  • Consumer marketing, and more.

It adds to the atmosphere and value of the event.

A professional film crew circulating and documenting your event gives it that little extra boost in atmosphere and demonstrates to your franchise partners you are investing in the brand and their business.
It also shows that you value their attendance and the event itself to the point where you are ensuring you capture it – ‘this is an event worth filming’…!

It will help you increase attendance at the next conference or event.

All good events have video summaries of how awesome they were to attend, and shared far and wide on social and internal networks!
You need to be doing the same if you are going to help get some of the naysayers over the line on attendance.
You want them to be seeing what they are missing out on if they don’t attend.

Don’t tell, show!

We’ve all been there, on calls and emails with people sitting on the fence about whether they want to come along to the conference or not.
A great video set of experiences of those at your previous conferences makes it a much easier visual ‘sell’.
There you have it, six (6) reasons why well-planned video aligned with your franchise conference, could be one of the best investments you can make in your franchise network.
Be sure to focus in on a handful of key outcomes you are after, and you’ll be able to work closely with a savvy production company that can bring your amazing franchise stories to life!
And of course, we’d be more than happy to help, so reach out for a chat and book a discovery call if you’d like to understand how we go about it.

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